Welcome to the Gym, Let's Get Juiced Up Bro!

In order to earn our valuable HGH we need to put in the work. By sending Mike to the gym you will be accumulating 1 HGH each day, per Matic Mike staked. The more you stake, the more HGH you earn. To get the best results, staking every Matic Mike possible when not using him in PvP Battles, Boss Fights, or attempting to juice him up by injecting HGH into him is recommended.

What is HGH used on?

Increase the trait rarity on Matic Mikes. To do so make sure your Mike is out of the gym, and head to the My Lineup section on the main page. You'll see an "Inject Mike" button underneath your Mike which allows you to inject HGH for around a 5% chance to upgrade a random trait on Mike. You can effectively turn a non-rare Mike into an extremely rare Mike.

Enter Dance Royales to win $HGH and $WETH. You can find Dance Royales under the "Dance Off" menu at the top of the page or the side menu.

Summon Evil Club Lords for $HGH. You can summon 2 club lords for every 1 Matic Mike. Click on "Club Lords" from the top or side menu.

Mint a Matic Mike NFT

Stake Matic Mike & Evil Club Lords in the Gym
You currently hold HGH

Matic Mikes earn 1 $HGH/Day. Evil Club Lords Earn .25 $HGH/Day.

Mikes in Wallet

HGH Available to Claim:

Not earning $HGH

ECLs in Wallet

HGH Available to Claim:

Not earning $HGH.

You can withdraw these guys from the gym and claim HGH

Mikes in the Gym

Mikes that are earning $HGH 1/Day

ECLs in the Gym

Club Lords earning $HGH .25/Day