Introducing International Sex Symbol: Matic Mike

Let's hit the stage with Matic Mike, the highest utility NFT to hit the Polygon chain since Zed.

We've been busy. Since launch, we had 7363 Mikes sent to hell in our free burn reroll. We have nearly 2300 Mikes on average juicing in the gym and earning HGH coin. We've had dozens of successful ERC20 -> ERC721 injections, upgrading a random Mike trait and powerlevel, all 100% on-chain. Finally, we get to the current state of Matic Mike, just 2 weeks after launch.

Introducing: Dance Royale, the PvP Battle Royale for Matic Mike
That's right. We've launched our PvP battle royale, you can head over to "Dance Off" -> "Enter Royale" to send your Mike into a dance battle with up to 50 other Mikes. The queue system is simple, it is a rolling queue so as soon as 50 fill, the dance will begin and a new queue will open as soon as that transaction finishes on chain.

Coming soon will be our PvE contract, the Evil Strip Club Owners who Mike must summon by throwing himself in the club and stripping until he receives enough tips for the boss to come out and collect. It will take plenty of HGH for Mike to earn those precious dolla bills, so be sure to win some Dance Royales to make your life easier! Once you have your Boss NFT you'll be able to fight him and take loot to increase your overall power level and pull more traits into your Matic Mike Genesis NFT.

Mint a Matic Mike NFT

Allowing Access to Contracts

Once minting requires HGH to mint, you will need to allow access to the Matic Mike contract to burn HGH from your wallet. You earn HGH from staking, also known as sending Mike to the gym, but you need to allow access to the HGH contract to hold onto your Mike as well.

To make it easy, we've added these 2 buttons. The first is to allow access to the HGH contract to hold onto your Mike while he is in the gym. The second is to allow the Matic Mike contract to burn HGH from your wallet when minting with HGH or using HGH on upgrades.

Minting is Complete

You Can Buy on OpenSea
Current Minting Price is HGH


You currently hold HGH

Your Lineup!
Note: If your Mike is in the gym, they will not show here.
Click here to see all of your Mike's.

Current price for injection: HGH

Club Lords

You can mint your Matic Mike through the website or directly through the contracts linked above. The contracts are on the polygon chain, so you'll need to set your wallet up with the polygon wallet. You can do so by clicking here, if you have not already.

Matic Mike's are 100% on-chain, there is no API. All metadata and graphics are generated through randomization on each mint on-chain. Your Mike will be revealed instantly on the website and on aftermarket sites like OpenSea.

Minting will give whitelisted members priority to mint 1 Mike each for free before opening to public mint. Once public mint is active, the whitelist is over. You can mint up to 10 Matic Mike's per wallet. The prices of mints are...

1-2500 Free
2500-4000 1 $HGH
4000-6000 2 $HGH
6000-8000 3 $HGH
8000-10000 4 $HGH

There will also be an optional donation mint from 2500-10000 for 50 $MATIC.

To earn $HGH you will need to send your mike to the gym (stake your mike). You earn 1 $HGH per day for each Mike in the gym.

Burn rerolls are going to be a huge deflation in total supply. When you mint your Mike, if you are not happy with him you can reroll him for free (once burn reroll is activated).

A Burn Reroll button will appear underneath your Mike when activated. You can burn reroll as many times as you'd like as long as the max supply is not met. We encourage you to burn your Mike until your happy with traits. You will still have a chance to get more rare traits by injecting your Mike with $HGH.

One of the great features of Matic Mike is the staking features, where we send Mike to the gym. You can send up to 10 Mikes to the gym at a time, effectively earning 10 $HGH per day. $HGH can be used to mint more Mike's if the minting window is still open, and also used to upgrade your Mike.

Please note, to send your Mike to the gym, you will need to approve the $HGH contract one time to allow it to hold onto your Mike.

You can withdraw your Mike(s) from the gym at any time.

Second generation NFTs in the Matic Mike family may also be able to earn $HGH at lower rates than the genesis Mike.

You can inject your Mike with $HGH you've earned at the gym for a chance to randomly upgrade or sidegrade one of his traits. This is around a 5% chance that you will successfully upgrade your Mike, so spend your $HGH wisely, as it will be used in future contracts. Your $HGH will be burned whether you have successfully upgraded your Mike or not.

The amount of $HGH injected into your Mike will globally increase by 3 $HGH every time anyone successfully upgrades their Mike. This means it will eventually take a huge amount of $HGH to even attempt an upgrade. $HGH will be burned from your wallet every time you try to upgrade.

Please note, you must approve the Matic Mike contract to use $HGH from your wallet to use these features.

Good News, our Dance Royale contract is now open for business! Head over to Dance Off and start sending your Mikes into the dance competition.

Every Mike has a power level that is based on his traits, and higher power levels have a slightly higher percentage to win a dance off versus a lower power level. This does not mean it is impossible to beat a higher level, however. It costs 1 HGH to enter, and you can "Juice Up" by adding additional HGH to your entry.

Releasing in about a month we will have our PvE Evil Club Owner NFT launch. You will need to summon the Evil Club Owners by sending your genesis Mike into the gym and provide him plenty of HGH to earn enough tips for the Evil Club Owners to come and collect. It doesn't end there. Mike will be able to fight the evil club owners and steal loot they're carrying to increase Mikes overall power level, and pull additional traits directly onto him, all 100% on-chain. Stay tuned!

After we release our inital 5 contracts (not including Ethereum Child Mint contracts for sending your Mikes to the Ethereum Chain) we will begin to work on expansion projects including Matic Mike apprentices Mike will take under his wing to teach them how to Ride that Pony properly.

We also plan to introduce a female NFT in the Matic Mike family, which Mike's will be able to breed with, effectively leading to another contract being our Future Sex Love Children contract. On top of that, we plan to introduce new content for Mike to conquer, which will constantly be adding new traits and graphics to your original Matic Mike.

The way we are doing all of this is we have built this project in a modular fashion, using solid object-oriented programming techniques needed for dynamic expansion. Our data contract is separated from our NFT so we are able to pull from that, and effectively chain the data contract to other contracts which can compile data and return it to the original contract all on-chain.

Matic Mike Devs

Mike Dev

Mike Dev
Creator / Art / Full-Stack Engi

Mike Dev has been a full-time full-stack software developer for over 12 years, as well as a long term Ethereum hodler.

Mike Dev started website development in the early 2000s while in middle school, graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 2011, and started blockchain dev just a few months ago.


Discord Engi / Marketing / Moderation

Andre is a seasoned marketing leader with 9+ years of marketing management and sales development experience across multiple sectors.

He's been in the NFT space for a year now and has turned the hobby into a full time job. When he's not staring at his discord you'll be able to find him poppin' bottles at your nearest rooftop bar.